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I always found myself behind the camera growing up; photos and videos during family vacations, scouting trips, and random day to day things. My formal education in multi media started at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) where I learned 3d modeling and animation, web, and graphic design.


EVIT then led me to attend the University of Advancing Technology (UAT), where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in their Digital Video program. UAT hired me before graduating as their Digital Media Producer and I've produced photo and video content for universities ever since. Currently I'm an employee at Arizona State University; and events are my specialty audio, video, photo, and even planning.


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Engagement Portraits

An engagement session with me is designed to be laid back, comfortable, and above all else, fun! This portrait session is all about celebrating you as a couple; your interests, your personalities, and your love for one another.


1Before your Engagement Session:

Upon scheduling your engagement session, (I get booked up very quickly in the spring, so plan ahead) you will have access to my “What to wear” style guide. I know this can be daunting, but I am here for you every step of the way. Many of my clients send me texts with pictures of different clothing choices and I help narrow them down.


2Choosing a Location:

Choosing a location for your engagement portraits can be difficult, especially when you don't know what to look for, or aren't sure how your portraits will turn out. Thats why I built this page dedicated to ideas and examples of locations around the valley!


3Reveal Ordering Session!

Get ready to be spoiled! This has been a client favorite. I will come to your house, with an amazing dessert and watch a slide-show of your new portraits. If needed, we will review the print options again and then place your order.


On this day you will be offered special reveal pricing for placing your order (no client has passed this up since I started offering it). I will not only walk you through the ordering process and answer any questions, I can show you how they will look on your walls with a special App.


1Consultation & Planning:

Generally I like to meet with you in person for a consultation before booking your wedding or engagement session (in your home is best) this gives us the opportunity to discuss your style, choose a location, and view the products that I offer so you get an idea of the quality, sizes, and where you want to display them. If you already know what you want and are ready to book we can discuss it over a call as well.


2Wedding Planning

I try to stay as involved as possible during your wedding planning so that I know what to expect; if I'm prepared and aware of anything special you may have planned (or even little things that are important to you) that will ensure the best possible photo and video content of your wedding. I've also built a wedding planning guide to help you through the process.


3Your Wedding Day!

I always scout a venue ahead of time so I have an idea of the best possible angles and backgrounds to tell your story.


My goal during your wedding day is to get everything you want, while being as relatively invisible as possible. Genuine candid smiles and personal interactions can only happen when there isn't a photographer standing between you and your guests. I will never unnecessarily pull you from the group, hogging all your time, or blocking your guests view of your beautiful ceremony. This day is about you, your family, and your friends celebrating together. I've even been dubbed the "photo ninja" by many of my clients because I'm always moving, I grab the beautiful candid shot before they know I'm there; and then move on just as quick in order to get the next one.


4Post Wedding!

I will get to work right away editing all of the images from your wedding day; once finished I will meet with you again to do another Reveal Session, we will watch a slide-show, choose your favorite images, and select a design style for your album and choose which images you want to use for the products included in your chosen wedding collection.


Following the review session I will use as many of your selected images as possible to design your album and tell the story of your wedding day. You will have the opportunity to suggest any changes and or approve the design before the final version is sent to the professional print lab for creation.


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